We do not assist in determining business and ICT policies plans and design, but also, when requested, deliver and support them. We are “Implemental” software services provide.

iKonxept provides strategic IT support solutions across all industries and business functions. Founded in the heart of Kuala Lumpur in September 2007, iKonxept has a proven track record in helping clients to seize business opportunities with customized and precise solutions.

iKonxept celebrates diversity with consultants coming from different systems and cultural backgrounds. Each and every consultant is an industry specialist highly-equipped with thorough understanding and profound knowledge of specific industry challenges. The prime objective of iKonxept is to work with the clients to establish and implement priorities for ICT management and strategic needs.

At iKonxept, we constantly strive to provide consistent, top-notch quality and customer-centric services and solutions to our customers. We enjoy exceptionally outstanding reputation and true customer loyalty as a result of our unwavering determination and effort to deliver first-rated services. This heightens our motivations to continue delivering with speed, quality and excellence!

iKonxept has developed a revolutionary portal applications suite that comes with more than 25 out-of-the-box portlets and integrates more than 8 back-office management modules to produce a compelling, full-featured Web portal application suite.

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