Our portal apps are mobile-ready, user can browse, search, submit & process through mobile devices via any standard web browsers and email applications.

RSS Feed

With our RSS feeding engine, the users are allowed to subscribe to the web-feed of the bodytexts which are frequently updated.


A WYSIWYG editor is offered in the applications suite to allow user to prepare & design web bodytext with minimal web programming knowledge.

CMS with Approval & Versioning Control

With approval workflow & versioning control, our bodytext Management System allows users to ensure that all articles are screened before being published. It also facilitates easy rectification or changes of mistakes made by the bodytext editor.

Real-time KPI Monitoring Dashboard

The carefully-designed dashboard integrates all critical business data across the modules to ease the users to analyze the business data and Key Performance Indicator data. This greatly accelerates and improves the effectiveness of critical business decisions.

OpenID Support

OpenID allows user to employ an existing identity to sign in into multiple websites, without the need to create new passwords. Imagine the convenience and efficiency that an user being able to logon to our portal with his or her login information of google, facebook, yahoo, etc.



The blog feature offers contemporary tools for blogging, as well as the highly-valued benefits of the community-oriented nature of the iKonxept Portal Apps Suite. These enable the users to exchange information and facilitate direct conversation between blogs through various contexts including the website, internet and intranet as well as social networking sites.

Instant Message

A friends list automatically displays the names of all other logged-in users of the portal. Familiar chatting features such as profile photos and customized away-messages are incorporated. To maximize convenience and security while minimize disturbances, chat boxes stay at the corner of the screen and follow the users as they navigate through the portal.

Activity Tracking (Audit Trail Engine)

With this Audit Trail Engine, users can keep track on the most recent activities happening on the Blogs, Message Boards, Wiki and other tools. This information is displayed in the "Recent Activity" portlet as well as on a Facebook-like Activity Wall. Moreover, every movement in our portal is logged down.


Customizable Portlets & Management Modules

In any slightest chance that our out-of-the-box portlets & back-end management modules could not meet your needs, just let us know and we can always carry out any customization suited to the needs.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

With SaaS model, user can own a portal with minimal upfront costs. To start up, users have zero hardware fee to pay for, zero involvement of IT services and more importantly virtually zero-risk. SaaS has predictable subscription pricing, which simplifies budgeting and forecasting.

Custom Branding

Through a comprehensive branding of the users? portals, further strengthening of the corporate identity can be achieved. The user will have the decisions on the means to brand the offerings of the portal, from the domain and the color scheme to many other available features.


Each community possesses its own Wiki and distinctive set of authorizations. Users with editing rights can swiftly contribute information to these online encyclopedias.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Meta tags of all articles generated by our CMS will be updated automatically, and the new pages are made searchable by major search engines instantaneously.

Portlets Library

More than 20 out-of-the-box portlets, specially designed for the 5 categories of solutions provided by the applications suite, are available to choose from in order to meet the most discerning requirements of users.

Back-office Management Engines

Apart from the portal, we also provide more than 6 back-office management systems for the operations of the user portal.

Multi-lingual & Locale Support

With language file loader engine in place, iKonxept Portal Apps Suite provides more than 4 languages and locales. Users may toggle between languages & locale settings with just one-click.


The tagging feature allows uses to tag web bodytext, related documents, threads from message boards and forums and more to share important or interesting bodytext with other portal users dynamically.

Advanced Full-text Search Engine

A robust and effective full-text search engine is created to enable the users to search the bodytext in the portal.


iKonxept Portal Apps Suite is fully Ajax-enabled to offer the user dynamic and continuous experiences.